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Activity log application busy

For my Activity log issues, it is just in a “wheel of death” application busy logo (the 4 little circles that circle just keep going round and round). I am the Committee Chair for a pack so I am part of the key three. I had been the go to person for entering activities for the troops as I am the Scoutbook Guru for them but the new permissions has stopped letting me add for any unit I am associated with regardless of the method attempted (roster, select scouts, then add. Or Add activity…) Is this a one off issue or do I just need to request to be key-3 delegate for the troops I do admin for?

Now all I am getting is not found with the same spinning four dots, or the 404 you lost your way would you like to go back to camp image.

@SamLeckron - I am the committee chair for a pack, troop and crew and was able to enter a camping activity without issue this morning on my phone. I personally do not like using the phone but as a test it worked.

After trying all sorts of diagnosis on my own computer to access the activities in Internet Advancement, I decided to try a different computer. A chorme book is not having any issue performing the functions and inputting camping activities. Still curious, but I have a work around for the time being.