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New activity logs bugs

Activitiy log UI font colors in dark theme make text invisible. Fix css. Why doesn’t the development team ever test the dark theme before releasing changes?

When you delete an activity log entry UI freezes. Have to kill app and restart.

Advancements page does not consistently load activity logs ui. Sometimes it takes several minutes to load.

Also, in the latest update ‘My Scouting History’ is broken.

I really appreciate that the UI for taking attendance is now sorted, and adults can be filtered out of the list!

The next step to making this functionality usable is to allow the UI to filter by patrol/den. Live attendance taking is still not reasonable with an 80 person list, even when it is sorted.

When loading any particular screen takes a long time, often time the bottom half of the screen will be covered by a blank panel. You can still scroll the rest of the UI on the top, but the bottom half is obscured. Sometimes the entire screen is obscured by a blank panel. Switching pages does not resolve the issue, but waiting several minutes sometimes does.

The new Camping/Hiking/Service Logs UIs are too complicated for parents. They will have no idea how to fill them out and even if they do, it will take too long, so they simply won’t bother. Especially the Service log.

At most they want to given a desciption, #nights/miles/hours, and a date.


I agree there may be some middle ground. For example, I don’t know if Zip code for example is necessary. The number of options may be too great. I did, though, like that it had the previous locations we camped.

Back to a comment I made elsewhere. We are gathering a lot of data on these entries and the must not only meet a unit’s service hour JTE requirements, they need to meet the district’s. If they don’t it is a huge amount of input for very little reason.

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How do we delegate to other adults to enter the activity logs other than the key 3? This change just makes more work for upper leadership, especially when they are entering for multiple units.


Wait, you can even access it? I can’t even look at my own camping nights, hiking, etc, much less my son’s (FWIW, I’m also the Advancement Chair and can’t review anyone’s!)


Zip code shouldn’t be required information

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So when activities were in Scoutbook (Hiking, camping, service) it gave you a total for the scouts. I.E. Camping 27 nights. The new activities log does not show this. Do we have to go back through every camp out and add these up ourselves?? I have been doing some Eagle scoutmaster conferences and I can’t tell how many nights a scout has camped, how many miles they have hiked, how many service hours they put in. Is there a place we can see that? This really needs to be added if it is not already.

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There are many reports that show this pretty clearly, but I see no reason they should have been hidden.

I am our Pack’s advancement chair and Scoutbook admin, but when I try to link to IA from Scoutbook it says I don’t have access.

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Looks like any adult history is lost… I can see the logs for Scouts in my unit, but when I go to my profile in Scoutbook and click on “My Activity Logs” it jumps me directly to IA2, but I don’t see any adults listed in the unit roster. I don’t see anything under my IA2 profile that would allow me to log anything.

That’s gonna throw a monkey wrench into nominating adults as OA advisors.

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I tried to edit one of the service activities that was bunched into the wrong date. I went in a put all the missing data, added all the people who attended who are still on my roster. When I tried to save it, I got a “missing authorization” error and couldn’t save it.

I took a look at the camping log for one of the Scouts who has actually entered data in. Most of the data seems to be there, but all of the entries have the end date set as the same date as the start date.

Are the number of camping nights correct?

Camping, service and hike data all correct for our scouts.

It kept the correct number of nights for each entry, just the wrong end dates

Hunh. Consulting the report available from

IA2 -> (left menu) Reports -> Activity Log Report

it looks like an inconsistent portion of our activity logs was lost.

For example, I logged the participation of our scouts in our last Eagle project before the quarantine. Some of the scouts still have that information, and some don’t.

Looking through our adults, some of us have data, some don’t. I know that a non trivial portion of the camping, hiking and service from my logs is missing, and I’m pretty timely about logging information. For example, I now show < 5 nights of camping in the last two years, and I know I logged more than that just with the OA.

By any chance can the “previous” logs be restored to Scoutbook in a read-only form (similar to how the “old” forum posts were preserved)? That would at least allow units to backcheck what is now shown in the IA2 logs for completeness.


Agreed. Losing data to update the interface is a major failure for an “improvement”

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