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Activity log problem

I kept track of my sons and my camping, hiking, and service hours on the activity log. It no longer opens. This is huge because I can’t Access that info. Please help me.

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Hi @DennisDiven . I’ve come across your post because I’m trying to find answers to a similar problem, but it is not for tracking my own’s scout’s activities. I can’t get access to any scout in our unit to update or view their activity logs. For my own sons, I have the scouting app and I can use it to log the hours on the activity log. If all you are currently trying to do is log the hours for your sons, that might be the fastest solution. I’ve used it for tracking my sons’ volunteer hours right as they get in the car to go home so no one forgets to put it in later and we don’t have to go looking for dates/times etc. It is not the fasts app, but it has gotten a lot better. So if you tried it in the past and didn’t like it, you might want to give it another try.

Hope that helps.

There is a known API issue that is preventing many people from accessing Internet Advancement. The developers are working on a fix. Hopefully this will fix the issue you are having.

The programmers made some changes, please try accessing the activity logs and Internet Advancement again.

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