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Ont he Activity Log, when clicked to enter camp/hiking/svc activity info it is saying I do not have access even though I am the Advancement Chair. Is this issue a fix by council or SB?

The Activity Log is currently being updated. Wait until later today when the Change Log is posted.

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And you have to be Unit Advancement Chair in my.scouting.org (in Unit Security Manager by a Key 3) - having Unit Advancement Chair in Scoutbook means nothing

I’m not sure if you usually use the Scoutbook. There was a yellow “advisory” box at the top indicating that the logs would be unavailable from 1000-1900 today (I assume that was central time).

As @DonovanMcNeil noted, you have to be set up as UAC at my.scouting in the organizational security manger. One of your Key 3 has to designate you, and the designation must be redone after each recharter. I have occasionally had my Key 3 delegate role become unapproved and my committee chair has had to reapprove me.

Yes, it is Central time.

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