Activity Log Enhancment

Hi when logging an entry for camping. Could we add functionality to hit a checkbox that states trip does not count towards Camping Merit badge? Want to be able to run reports on tent only camping.

Enhancements are in the backlog - we do not know if or when BSA will work them


What I do is prefix all camping entries with Tent: Cabin: etc. so I can easily tell if they count for the camping MB.

If you want to be more explicit until we have a checkbox, you could prefix those that do qualify for the Camping MB with CMB or something similar.

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You could also include information in the notes that might explain why the campout might not qualify for camping MB requirement 9. The Scout’s MBC for camping could then use that information to decide if it qualifies or not.

I think having it identify the camping as tent or “under the stars” has more utility than “doesn’t count towards Camping MB”. There are a lot of things that could determine whether or not a night/trip “qualifies” for Camping MB.

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I just would like something to identify Tent v Cabin v Under the Stars

Like Ed, we put it in the name of the campout at the end:

March Campout [tents]
March Campout [cabins]
March Campout [under the sky]

We take a very different path - this is the Scout’s job to track - then justify with the logs - “you cannot count that you were in a cabin”

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