Camping log entry to have a checkbox for "in a tent you pitched"

It would be great to have the system auto calculate the “nights in a tent you pitched or structure you helped erect”. It could easily be done if there was a slider/checkbox on the camping log that defaulted to “yes” on “tent you pitched”. Then, for cabin campouts, we could turn it off. Then a camping log report could distinguish be “qualified” tent nights and not.

we have talked about it - as a leader not sure how you could do this in mass though - did every scout pitch the tent? no just 2 but 4 slept in it

This is to distinguish it from a yurt or platform tent prepitched or obviously a cabin. These would technically be “nights in a tent”, but not the point.

Since we have 2 per tent (3 max), and they set up their own tents, if it is a tent campout, it is in a tent they pitched themselves. If they try to not help, their tent mates make sure they do. It is really a two person job at a mom.

Without this, the camping log isn’t useful for determining camping nights. One must go through and say “cabin or not” and “pitched or not” as a memory exercise.

I’m saying add the checkbox to the log. Based on your concerns, make it off by default, but add it. This is more core to accounting then frost points. I think frost points are cool, but knowing if it was “in a tent they pitched” is very helpful. This is especially true when the paper handbook doesn’t have a spot to record the dates, only the requirement as a totally blob.

A leader could create a null log entry with a title like Cumulative Tent Camping Nights = xx, where xx is manually calculated. Date the entry the day after the last camping night that has been checked for inclusion in the total. Multiple null entries can be used to track multiple different totals.

Interesting idea, but I was looking more for a checkbox and a report to automate this.

Maybe I’m missing something since my boys are young, but if you need to track the tent nights as “qualified” for one of the ranks, is there a reason to bother logging the “nonqualified” nights?

Is there maybe a rank requirement that a cabin camping trip would count towards but not others?

Hi, @HerbKraft,

There are various other awards (e.g. National Outdoor Awards) that use camping nights that might not qualify for rank advancement.

ETA: Related discussion here.

Ok, thanks! I was wondering about that…

For example 2nd class has 5 activities, 3 outdoors, 2 over night camping in a tent you pitched. So, you could have 3 cabin campouts and 2 tent campouts to meet this requirement.

Also the camping counts for the OA election.