Activity Log History Gone

I entered activity logs and maintained them between 2019 and 2021. Recently, I took that role back and when I access Internet Advancement all the activities I created are gone. Instead I see a personal log for an individual scout in our troop. My old logs had complete attendance rosters. The scout’s personal log only shows attendance records for the individual scout.

Is there a way to recover my original attendance logs?

The old activity logs (prior to the migration to Internet Advancement) were all individual. There was a way to enter logs for multiple people at the same time using Quick Entry, but they were all individual logs – not group logs.

Attendance rosters would have come from the calendar.

You should be able to Export / Backup the old activity logs by going to your main unit page in Scoutbook, and:

Export / Backup → Legacy Camping, Hiking, Long Cruise and Service Logs

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