Missing Activity Logs On Internet Advancement

I diligently recorded all of the unit activities into the Internet Advancement page (Internet Advancement). I have gone back again and many of the events are now gone. However, if I got to a Scout I know attended, I can still see the entry there. There is a major issue that activity entries stop showing up on the calendar.

@JustinWeaver1 - activities do not back link to the cakendar. If you post screenshots of what you are referring to that can help. Additionally there is an issue of events that span one month to the next.


There is a known bug where activities that cross the month boundary do not appear on the calendar. They will appear in individual Scout’s activity lists and the activity log report. At this time we do not know when this bug will be fixed.

Unfortunately, this issue seems to go beyond events that bleed into adjacent months. I have an event square in the middle of a month and its not showing. Weird bug for sure. At least I now know I’m not going crazy haha.

Are you looking at the calendar or the activity logs? They are not the same thing.

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@JustinWeaver1 - if you have entered items in the activity log only they do not flow backwards to the calendar in IA or scoutbook. That is not how this works

Activity Log. We don’t use the calendar.

That’s not what I’m trying to do. I’m only looking at the Activity Log, not the calendar.

Then what are you saying in your original post

Can you post a screenshot of exactly what you are talking about as i am not following you @JustinWeaver1

I am using the word “calendar” in a loose sense, not the calendar page itself. In activity logs, there are months dates and years you can navigate, that’s a calendar to me.

@JustinWeaver1 - ok… so the row of months at the top under the year selector. I recall that will list unit based activities and not individuals activities. Click on the month and it shows what the unit activity was in that month. Can you run the activity log report and see what that shows.

No, they were all unit based activities. I enter everything for the unit.

@JustinWeaver1 - what does the activity log report show for the time period in question. And did you try a seach on the activity name ? Also are you viewing this on a pc or mobile device? Additionally in the upper right in IA is your unit position selected?

Yes, I have recently noticed the same problem. I entered a troop camping event (and can see it on the overall view in Activity Log), but I also entered a troop hiking event (and it’s missing from the overall view). However, just as the other leader noted, both events show up under each individual Scout. Both events were the same weekend and do not span two different months. Nothing was done differently as I’ve entered multiple events in ScoutBook for years in this same way.

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