Activity Log Report missing info

When I run the Activity Log Report, it only gives me Conservation Service Log and not the regular Service Log. Any hours that are marked as one of the other categories other than Conservation do not show up in the report.

I can’t verify service hours easily for rank requirements without the report. I would have to go through each individual log to see which scout entered/participated.

What happens when you just check the “Service Log” box?

Thanks. I thought I had tried that but must not have, but it still has issues.

I have a couple that don’t show in the report that were entered by a parent in their Scoutbook app on their phone. Some do but some don’t - the missing ones are marked category “Other services”.

Could you check that the service hours are approved? And also where the service hours are date-wise with respect to your Scouts’ Date Joined Scouts BSA (assuming that’s the box you checked)?

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