Activity Logs App Broken


When trying to log an activity either for a single scout or mass entry for the troop the scoutbook app and associated links and functions do not work as designed. The app syncs with site and it’s not working properly. The code designer has some errors to correct. Give it a try. Thanks


The Scouting app doesn’t work for group entry or the creation of unit level events, only for individual entry, or adding individuals to existing group events. Unit events have to be entered via the interface at (IA2).

Why does the developer have links to perform the task then? Doesn’t make sense to me and should be removed if its not a working option/link?

Also, sxoutbook is not currently working for single entry either.

I only see an option to add an individual activity, not a group activity, from the Scouting app (version Where are you seeing an option to add group activities?

Scoutbook itself no longer actually has the activity logs. Entries now have to be entered through the IA2 interface (, although the link from Scoutbook ( should bring you to the same interface as going through IA2.

I’m not seeing an issue adding individual activities through IA2. I just added an individual hike for my son, while logged in using my parent credentials under the fleur-de-lis pulldown menu in the top right corner. What’s the error that you’re getting via the Scoutbook/IA2 interface?

entry link which takes you to a number of options one being activity logs,
if you click on activity logs it takes you to and
once there nothing works correctly

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