OA Eligibility Report = 77 short-term nights, Activity Log Report = 17 nights combined

So, I just pulled my unit’s OA Eligibility Report. When I run it I see that I have 77 short-term camping nights.

However, when I pull my personal activity logs it shows I’ve camped 17 nights across 10 activities which is the reality of the situation.

17 nights



@WilliamsburgScouter - can you run a log of your camping just to scan through as that does seem like a discrepancy in data that is being read.

Yes. I manually examined each of the entries. They don’t add up to 77.

All camping = 1+1+1+1+6+2+2+1+2 = 17

My short term camping is 1+1+1+1+2+2+1+2 = 11, not 77.

We have asked the developers to investigate.

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I don’t see any other way to send this to you.

The new Forums has been redone so that myscouting.org, Scoutbook, and Commisioners have subgroups. But there is no longer a place for folks with general questions about scouting to go. It looks like even old posts of that type are not available when searched for.

Is there a new place people should go to put up that type of post? Or, is that type of post now not wanted on the Scouting Forums?

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We have no information to share regarding the forums at this time.

I just noticed that the program areas are gone! That is too bad.

I thought I was at the wrong site for a while.
It looks like they almost don’t want program discussed anymore. But is was a good place to have somewhat polite conversations.
I have no idea of how to interpret Ed’s response.

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Sad. I wonder if it was the discussions around the costs and usefulness of the handbooks? Without more info, we can only guess it it was that, how sad.

I tend to read it as SUAC either doesn’t know anything, or can’t share what they do know.

Personally, I’d find it disappointing if the BSA chose to eliminate the program discussion areas. I suspect that all it will do is drive those discussions into other forums in which the BSA has no official presence, and reduce the overall utility of the discourse platform.

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You and Matt, along with Quaze and a few others were / are some of my favorites for reading your posts. I’m doubting that will continue. Unless as you say we all just move along.
My son ages out of Scouts in a few months and I’m ‘just’ a MB Counselor, Unit Comm, and STEM so I don’t have quite as much vested in what they ultimately do.

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I am the reason why we cant have nice things because i break them… :slight_smile: management decisions i guess

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@WilliamsburgScouter a fix for this is in place - please test

Works. I now see 4 columns
Eligible Long-Term Camping Nights
Eligible Short-Term Camping Nights
Total Long-Term Camping Nights
Total Short-Term Camping Nights

And these accurately reflect that I do NOT have 77 short-term camping nights but 11.



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