Activity Summary Report is erroring out

When running the Activity Summary Report the report is erroring out. I get the following error: "The information is unavailable. Try again or report this to the forums (112).’

I’m also getting this error in the other IA reports.

@IvanaSheppard - what is your registered position in the unit and your functional role as defined in ? The reports work for me

I’m getting the same error. I’m am an ASM and that is my role in

@IvanaSheppard @RichardFriesner - it works for me as the Committee Chair and I selected all scouts and all dates

@Stephen_Hornak still not working for me.

Can you try a hard refresh, clearing cache, using a private/incognito window?

Didn’t seem to help. This is the box I get to, but when I click run report nothing happens.