Ad a "Troop Roster" quick link at the top of every page

I read someone has posted a similar suggestion using QuickNav feature that seems has been useless for quite some time.

Every time I come to update scout records in SB, I find myself navigating 3-steps backwards and 3-steps forward every time I need to input and/or compare dates, records, awards and any entries between scouts.

This would be s huge time-saver for everyone and I don’t understand how such easy-fix has not been enabled yet.

Is there another feature already in-place that does that, and I may be the one clueless about?

Thanks in advance for any help, comments and even better get this suggestion implemented. ER

Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 10.31.20 AM

When you are on a Scouts page (or anywhere else) you can use the black breadcrumbs to jump around, and when you are on the Scout Page there is a Roster link.

Also there is the Drop Down across the top you can use

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