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Add a export/ auto sync set up for TroopMaster users to sync completed Merit badges

Can some sort of file export or some sort of linked log in process could be created within scoubook so that troops still using TroopMaster desktop software as well as there web version is able to inport back completed merit badges into that system either on a on demand basis or on a nightly sync status so that it would make things a bit easer and reduce the hassle with double entry.
If you can do this at some point it would really help a lot.

The newest version of TM has an export for the new Internet Advancement

I think the OP is looking for functionality to go in the other direction (SB -> TM).

I have been using that option but would like a option to go from internet advancment/scoutbook to troopmaster web. This way for those of use still using troopmaster can pull in completed merit badge data so the records in both systems match so that we do not have the issue of a date being in core t on any of the 2 systems.

@MichaelWard2, TroopMaster Web has an “Import from Scoutbook” option under the “File > Import” menu. I haven’t tried it myself, so I can’t vouch for its capability.

I have used the TMW option to import adult training completions from my.scouting into TMW. This is great because we can get updated training completions on every adult we track (parents, leaders, MBCs, district personnel, etc; registered or not; as long as we have their BSA ID).

@MichaelWard2, Here is what the TMW “Import from Scoutbook” option says:

Import from Scoutbook

Upload any or all of the four export files from Scoutbook.
To export these files start Scoutbook go to My Dashboard>Pick Troop then select Export/Backup.
You will see a popup window with Scouts, Scout Advancement, Leaders Parents, Camping Hiking and Service logs.
Select each one and download the following files:
“troop_xxxx_adults.csv”, “troop_xxxx_advancement.csv”, “troop_xxxx_logs.csv”, “troop_xxxx_scouts.csv”

Theses options are ok if you are moving all of the advancment infromation. But i would want just a option to inport only newly completed MB items into troopmaster web without effecting my existing data.

If you are using Troopmaster to track advancement, why do you have anything in Scoutbook that is not already in Troopmaster? Are you thinking about families using the Scouting app or Merit Badge Counselors signing off in Scoutbook or is there something else?

We use troopmaster however we have a few councilors who refuse to use our exising system to do the sing off process and want to use scoutbook. It would help if there was a way where scoutbook can have a option to transfer that info into troopmaster

That seems to be a pretty narrow use case, to be honest. I’d be surprised if resources were allocated to it. The process you’re describing is:

MB info added to Scout record in Scoutbook -> Export to Troopmaster -> Export to Scout record in Scoutbook/IA2

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I agree with Steve. I doubt the BSA would dedicate resources to provide a path from SB into Troopmaster beyond what is already available.

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bet they can’t refuse to sign off on a blue card right?
remember that there was no Scoutbook or Troopmaster when B-P started the Scouting movement. these are all just tools, not the Methods.

SB is considered an official sign off equal to a blue card

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First, as an MBC I can absolutely refuse to sign off on a blue card if the Scout hasn’t met the requirements as written. I know that’s not the point of your comment, but it’s important to remember.

Second, the “official” tools for tracking MB completion and Counselor approval are the blue card or Scoutbook. If a Troop wants to reinvent the MB wheel or use some nonstandard tool, they’re going to have to live with outside MBCs saying “I don’t have time for that; I already updated the official BSA advancement database.”

To me, this isn’t an MBC issue, this is a Troop issue – @MichaelWard2’s troop wants to track MB progress using a different database that’s not supported by BSA IT. That’s fine, if it works for them. I would suggest, however, that the feature request be directed to the Troopmaster devs instead of the SB devs.

well for scoutbook to enable the data transfer i need they need to creat the process for the exportable file format that is needed so that troopmaster can work on their part to desin the inport process for newly completed merit badges. this is a big requestion however somone would have to start the work so that troopmaster can work on the portan.

As we have stated previously, Scoutbook already provides the data via the Export/Backup file. Given the current backlog of requests and the limited development resources, the BSA is not going to be interested in adding another path to get data from Scoutbook to Troopmaster.

My suggestion is to either manually input data that is entered into Scoutbook by MBCs or Scouts into Troopmaster or use the Export/Backup file, edit the file to include only the data you are interested in then, if Troopmaster can import the Export/Backup file, use that function. If Troopmaster cannot currently import the Export/Backup file, you need to make a request to Troopmaster to add this capability.

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