Importing data from Troopmaster into Scoutbook

How do I import all data for a Troop currently using Troopmaster into Scoutbook? Troopmaster representatives shared that it is possible to bring advancement data into Scoutbook, but not individual history (advancement) or individual participation (activity).

Last I checked TM did not provide an Export function for all data

Yes, that is what I’ve learned, so service project hours, hiking, camping are all not transferable. But what can be uploaded is rank completion dates, merit badges finished, and special awards. I’ve searched within Scoutbook how to upload but maybe I start with Troopmaster to upload into Scoutbook.
Thanks for any thoughts on this.

Well you should already be using Internet Advancement 2 at to upload completions. If uploaded there it is already in Scoutbook

Thank you for writing. This is a helpful point you make. I appreciate the feedback.

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