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Add a New Parent Connection (adding a Scout) - Problem Adding the 2nd Scout


I am trying to add a second Scout via the “add a new parent connection” on the Scouting App.
I have one of my Scouts attached to me/my account. I have been unable to add the second.
It is possible that I have the wrong Member ID or that there are duplicate Member ID’s for my Scout.
How can I determine what the problem is and get my Bear Scout added asap?

Thank you
:slight_smile: Rachel

I would reach out to your cubmaster or den leader, and verify the BSA ID, if you want to make the connection yourself. That said, either leader should be able to connect you to your scout from the unit side.

Hi Charley,

Thank you for suggesting to verify the BSA ID - I had one digit incorrect!
Problem solved.
Many thanks for your help!

Yours in Scouting,

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Glad I could help. It’s better in some ways when it’s the “simple things” that are causing the issue, since those are frequently faster to resolve than if there is a more in-depth problem like duplicate accounts.

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