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"Add a parent" cannot find parent who exists and has BSA ID#

How do I find parents to connect them to their scouts? I sent in the application and the council has entered the data.

For one cub, the parent showed up in the search and I was able to add connect them and send the invite.

The second tcub; I cannot find the parent even though the Council has entered the data and sent me the BSA ID#. They do not show up when I type the last name or email in the search box.

Any ideas on how I find the parent? If I just add them, I cannot add their BSA ID# as it will tell me that it already exists. I have had that problem before.

Is the parent already a leader of the scout? If so go to that connection and click the parent check box

No, this is a new family entering scouting. Scout shows up but parent is not found.

Council entered the data. But the parent does not show up in scoutbook only the cub.

Is the scout a Lion or Tiger? If so, the council creates an Adult Partner for that scout. If not, the parent does not get entered.

Does a search by email address work?

Council entered the parent. I have the BSA ID #.

email does not work

It worked for the other cub application sent in the previous week. Both are 1st graders.

How long ago did your council process it?

Earlier this week. The cub shows up. The adult does not. I would assume that they were both entered at the same time as they are on the same form. Kid and parent.

Cub Scout has BSA ID# and parent has BSA ID# one digit different.

I would check the listing in my.scouting Member Manager to verify email address entered. I have seen many cases of a parent listing the Spouses email address since that spouse keeps track of the family schedule. Really messes stuff up.

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