Can't add parent to Scout

I’m trying to add a parent to a Scout. It finds the person when I search, but I think it might be the Scout it’s finding because parent and scout seem to share a name (Scout most likely a junior).

The Scout’s BSA ID is: 14619910
The parent’s BSA ID is: 14619907

Can someone help me connect the two? Thank you!

parent 14619911 is the MID for parent - and it has a log in

:thinking: Well, I think the issue is that Scout book only allows you to add parents to a scout via email address or name. When I try to put the adult’s full name in, Scoutbook says it can’t find anyone. When I remove his middle name, it finds the youth (who has the same name). I’ve tried just the middle initial but Scoutbook still can’t find the parent.

Because they both have the same email address, that doesn’t work. I tried adding a fake email address to the father’s account in the my.scouting roster, but it still only pulled in the scout’s account in Scoutbook. I’m at a loss.

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@BenThoma This is fixed.

You are going to want to contact your local council Registrar and request that the Lion Adult Partner registration and the parent / Scout user relationships be consolidated under a single BSA member number (14619907 / 14619911) using their Registrar tools.

Right now, I have 14619907 set as “primary”, because that is the number with the parent / Scout user relationships.

Thank you @JenniferOlinger and @DonovanMcNeil — after talking with our Council Registrar this is now fixed. :raised_hands:

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