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Add ability to track custom training for adult leaders

Our charter organization has an additional youth protection certification that all of our adult leaders are required to do and keep current (expires after 5 years). I would like a way to track the most recent completion date for this certification for our adult leaders. Since it is a certification from an organization other than Scouts BSA, I can’t find a way to track that in Scoutbook or Internet Advancement.

Thanks in advance for any workarounds! Ideally, we’d be able to add a custom training field in Internet Advancement. (We were able to do this in our previous system - Troopmaster.)

The BSA has previously stated all training will be tracked in my.scouting.org to eliminate duplicate systems. The BSA only supports tracking national training. Your only option to track additional charter org training requirements is a solution outside of the BSA. The charter org (Catholic church) for my former pack requires a similar additional youth protection training. The church office handles this tracking for the pack and all other groups sponsored by the church.

If the charter org is not willing to track this for you, my best suggestion is a shared google spreadsheet that multiple leaders can access and update.

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