Leader Training in the Dashboard

I’d love to see a “gauge” showing the percent complete for training of adult leaders, similar to the advancement gauge for the Scouts. This could be a setting that can be turned on/off.

I would also love a way to see at a glance whether volunteers/parents are current with their YPT.

Sure would help us ensure our Scouts get the trained leaders they deserve! :slight_smile:

Teresa - please see this from the scoutbook blogs: March 2019

Scoutbook.com – Training course completed information

Scoutbook is not the training tracker for the BSA any longer (and will not be updated). Please refer to https://my.Scouting.org for official training tracking. Scoutbook will soon remove all but YPT and Position Trained from Scoutbook and replace with links to https://my.Scouting.org training center and reports. There are multiple advantages to this change to one source of training information. Among these are having Training reports for all your positions, council, district and unit; having Training reports for your units; receiving Training reports that roll up; and Training reports for the different units that you manage.

Thank you so much for the info! It’s unfortunate that I will have to use two different tools with two very different UXs to manage my units. I wish that Scoutbook could just be the UI to my.scouting.org data. I don’t suppose you know if my.scouting.org has a feature request process?


The only feature request path for my.scouting.org is to send an e-mail to myscouting@scouting.org

Teresa, the Feature Assistant Extension has a report for YPT status of all adults for the unit.