Add adult training to scoutbook

The menu already exists since all the adult training is in the training dropdown menu for youth training. We should be able to track earned adult training, especially position training, in the same manner. I realize the focus is on youth advancement but this should be an easy fix and would allow training to follow leaders between units more easily.

All training in BSA is tracked with the MYST Suite (My Scouting Tools) - and that is where it will remain is what SUAC has been told

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@KeithKarnes - that training at one point was in scoutbook with the scoutnet sync. It was moved out to MYST a while ago. The youth training remained as there was no way for units to enter training for youth, but if i recall correctly units can enter training for youth in MYST.

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I realize I can enter youth training, I am referring to adult training. I’m not sure what MYST is but if it doesn’t help add adult training to scoutbook it’s really not relevant.

MYST is This is the official training record. There are no plans to attempt to sync training back to Scoutbook again. It caused too many problems and caused too much of a load on the servers during the overnight sync.

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It is my understanding that is not BSA’s intention to make Scoutbook the primary portal for BSA.

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