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Add Eagle Scout and NESA Recognition


I think it would great if there would be some recognition of being an Eagle Scout. I think we should be able to put in our Eagle number and have the medal or knot shown on the profile. I think it would also be good if you displayed both Standard and Lifetime membership status on your profile.

Aaron Flaugh

Eagle Scout
Class of 1998


I’m curious as to what purpose this will serve within the system. At first, I was “sure, it’s like the OA”. But then I thought about it and realized that the OA recognition potentially provides a conduit between the unit and the OA. I could possibly see adding Eagle Scout when all of the other adult recognitions come online, but I see no real need for whether your NESA membership is standard or lifetime, or if you even have one.

I’m not trying to stir the pot, I’m just looking to understand why we’d want this.

I guess it would be neat to have virtual knots. This things like NESA lifetime membership would be necessary. I won’t hold my breath since the rest of the changes have been so glacial. Bug fixes are swift, big changes are slow. Adult advancement seems like one of those “big changes”.

@AaronFlaugh - the one thing to note is that based on how scoutbook is built, you may well be the only one who can see these things if they were added today. Not sure what purpose they would serve then.

Very good point. It would have to make more of this “public” to at least others in the unit. It is not like other units see our entries.

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