Please add an Eagle date field for Adults and Youth on profile page

It would be nice if registered adults and youth had a field in the profile for Eagle Scout, and the date it was earned. This way leaders wouldn’t have to go crazy to find dates and contact others when they are asked about it, or need it for whatever reason. It would also come in handy for nominations, such as Distinguished Eagle, Outstanding Eagle, Silver Beaver, Eagle fallen in the line of duty, etc.,

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Scoutbook is focused on recording advancement and some awards for youth.
Scoutbook. Scoutbook supports non-Scouting-BSA programs with different top ranks. Some ranks or awards can be earned multiple times (for example, Eagle palms). Hopefully the top rank for each program has been added as BSA IT adds support for those programs.

Then there is the challenge of recording top ranks earned in the scouting programs of other countries, for Scouts that have been Scouts in different countries.

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