NESA Directory - Showing Twice

I renewed my NESA membership, and now I show up in the directory twice. I have two member IDs, one from my old council, where I earned Eagle (141488) and my current one with a different council as an adult (129698463). They are both linked in my.Scouting, and its been over a week, and still the issue. I have reached out to the support desk on the NESA site with no response or confirmation of receipt of my request.

Can anyone here take a look and see what may be the issue and why the records aren’t merging?

How did you get the directory to let you in? Around Christmas time, they seemed to introduce a disclaimer you have to hit yes or no on. I hit yes and it just runs and runs and never lets me in.

My lifetime NESA only shows up on my old ID and requires me to make it my primary to see it. So, your entry on the current ID, to me, is an improvement. :slight_smile:

@Matt.Johnson - I have had no issue logging in. But my NESA profile is linked to my primary ID, which currently does not show me as an Eagle Scout nor with an active NESA membership. Even though when I log in to my.Scouting, before I added my old Eagle ID, my Eagle award did show up there.


Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 1.50.05 PM

I got in! I tried on my phone, Chrome, Edge, incognito, etc. Then, as it was waiting, I hit the back button and it let me in!

My is still the same. No eagle or NESA for my current council. Eagle and NESA on my boyhood ID/council.

Not sure who here may have access to that database

@Matt.Johnson I have the same issue as you in that it’s tied to the BSA ID of my old council.

I have sent emails to NESA but no response. Does anyone here have a technical contact for NESA?

@JeremyGinsberg Have you tried contacting someone via:

Need Help ? → NST Alumni Portal Specialists

Where do you access that?

@JeremyGinsberg Log in to the NESA / Alumni Directory, then you should see “Need Help ?” on the right side of the screen under your name.

Click on it, then you should see “NST Alumni Portal Specialists” as one of the options.

Yes - I submitted two tickets over two weeks’ time… no confirmation nor contact since Jan 2