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ILST entered into Scoutbook but trained strip not showing for youth

I was able to enter ILST training for the youth that attended. Great!
However the trained strip is not showing up in the youth’s overview page.

Per 33066_Training_Awards_WEB.pdf, attending the ILST should entitle the youth in SPL, PL, and other troop positions to be considered trained.

Our troop policy has always been that even younger scouts who do not hold an office, but have been through ILST are entitiled to wear the trained patch as well, as an encouragement to attend the training.

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Charles, did you ever get an answer? I also entered the trained status for my scouts last year, but now cannot remember where / how to do it. I also cannot figure out how to generate a report that shows everyone who is trained. Any help?

Its like ILST disappeared. lol

Having the “Trained” emblem show up for Scouts would be a new feature request. The request is in the backlog, but I do not know when it might be worked on.

Units can add ILST training for their own youth at my.scouting.org. An adult with access to the Training Manager there can add the training by:

  1. Going to the Training Manager
  2. Click on Add/Search
  3. Select the program (Scouts BSA).
  4. Select the course (ILST).
  5. Select the date.
  6. Select the members by adding a first name or last name and then Search.