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Add link to activity logs under the unit page and not just under a Scout

Since the core presentation of the activity logs is now unit based vs. individual, have a link under the main unit page. Before when it was more of a personal log, it made sense to have only under individuals. Now, it would make sense to have it under the unit.

If I had my druthers, it would auto select the particular Scout you were viewing if you clicked activity log instead of presenting you with the whole unit.

If you were going to have my new link under the unit, auto select all Scouts, the deselect the ones not participating.


I think that adding a link from the “unit” interface in Scoutbook makes sense once anyone other than Key 3, K3D, and my.scouting-designated advancement coordinator have leader-level access to the logs. In the interim, however, I suspect it would lead to more confusion.


I agree, if you are going to have a link in a Scout’s profile, that link should go to the Scout’s log, not just to the whole unit

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What i observe based on the login for myself as CC for the troop and my wife as an ASM K3+ is that we link to the unit as the primary path to the logs. When my son logs in he is directed to his information. So it would need to be a refinement of the statement that re-directs. It is not as if I can not get to my son’s data but it does appear that my primary role of CC takes precedence of that of being a parent.

I can give an update - when entering an activity make sure the data is correct before asking the participants if they can access it. My home QA department had to inform me that I was (2) hours short of time worked.

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