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Sort Export by Unit?

I just pulled an export to view how the service hours, etc are showing up for people, and I realized that there is no way to determine whether or not the activity was done as part of this unit or previous unit.

For example, my boys crossed over in February. Last fall, I added camping logs when they were AOL. Running the export now from the Troop unit, their camping logs up with the Troop rather than the Pack.

Is there a way to filter out or sort the export by which unit the scout was in at the time of the log entry? For my boys, I would know based on crossover date, but I don’t know when other scouts crossed over.

The logs are for the Scout not for the unit. The database does not contain the unit that entered the log data.

You would need to know the date the Scout joined the troop and then filter the log in Excel to exclude Pack activities.

Isn’t the unit supposed to be able to use the service log, etc for JTE?

Yes, but the Logs are linked to the Scout – not to the unit. There are also some awards that allow certain Cub Scout activities to count (for example: the NOA awards).

What I recommend you do is add something like [Cub Scouts] to the beginning of the “Location / Organization” field to indicate service hours done as a Cub Scout. When you Export / Backup the service log, you can sort those out. You can also add a [Joined Scouts BSA] entry with 0 hours to clearly indicate when the Scout joined a troop.

Herb, I recommend you enter your Service Projects in the JTE system within the same month as the project, so that you still have the information fresh. You can run a log report for the Youth, but you will need the logs from the project to remember the other data elements that need to be entered.