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Used to be there was a feature at the bottom right corner of the Month View of our unit calendar where you could add invitees to several events at a time. It is not long available. With 10+ events per month it is too much to add one at a time. Please advise.

@TammieZemler - that seems like the Feature Assistant rather than something native to scoutbook.

@TammieZemler that is a Scoutbook Extension feature for Firefox or Chrome - make sure you have the extension running


I have the extension running. It is working for everything else. I just dont see this option.

Mine seems to be working. Maybe turn off the extension then turn it back on…

Look on the bottom right - it is the Add Invitees button. Make sure you go from the Dashboard page to the Calendar. If you hard refresh the calendar page, it will disappear. It depends on you going to the dashboard to know that you are an admin and have calendar access to do this feature. If you hard refresh on the calendar page, the extension loses the list of positions you hold so doesn’t know what you should see.

@GaryFeutz - seems like a PEBKAC issue

I launched chrome and bingo

guess what I see

I am SM of the girls troop and key 3 delegate for boys troop and am BT admin. I have used this feature before and know where and what I am looking for. The only thing available is to add a new event.

@TammieZemler if you want we can setup a screenshare to figure it out

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And it’s not showing up if you go directly from My Dashboard to the calendar the way that @GaryFeutz mentioned above? I hadn’t realized that was an predicate for the button to appear.

Are you running in Chrome or Firefox, @TammieZemler? I usually see this icon in Firefox when the extension is running, but I didn’t see it in your screenshot in the first post:


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Chrome. I have never seen those symbols before. I don’t use this function on my phone. Only computer. I will do a check later tonight. I am picking up the GT trailer now for a Council Jamboree shakedown campout this weekend and have my grandkids thru most of tomorrow.


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Ah. I had kinda assumed Chrome would display which add-ons were active in a similar way. I tried it out, and it looks like Chrome has all of the extensions buried under the puzzle piece icon.

Once I clicked the pin next to the extension in the drop-down, though, the icon stayed visible on my window after closing the drop-down.

However, the behavior seems to be independent of whether I pass through My Dashboard or not. I always see the Add Invitees button on the calendar. Which seems like it must be caching the credentials somewhere. I did notice that (since I have the extension set up to auto-start), it forces a reload on My Dashboard. I assume that is what’s recovering the credentials then loading the extension with the relevant features (among other background stuff, I’m sure). Unfortunately, I don’t have any explanations about what’s going on. Hopefully the screenshare is able to identify whatever is going sideways.

It is not there! I have the extension and it is clearly not there. I will shut my computer down and see if it will magically appear.

And just like that! It is now there. I did shut down before. I did uninstall and reinstall. As like many things in scoutbook, you just have to be lucky to have it work!

Ah, computers. It’s like I always tell my colleagues: “Computers are great. I can make mistakes so much faster than I used to!”

Glad it resolved itself, but I sure wish the software would quit gaslighting scouters. It makes folks reluctant to use the system.

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