Add or Link Parent to scout.. help

I have a parent who we are unable to link to their scout. They have a BSA ID and account, when I try to search for them they are not found. When I try to send them a link request from the scout’s page in Scoutbook, they receive the email but are unable to login.

Parent BSA id: 14268763
Scout BSA ID: 14268762

Any suggestions?


There is a known issue where the connection search function is not finding adults that are not registered as leaders.

The workaround is to ask your Council to make the connection in Akela. The day after the connection is made in Akela, the connection should be added to Scoutbook.

Another workaround is to have the parent log in to Scoutbook, then go to:

My Dashboard-> Administration-> My Account → My Connections

Then click on the red text: “Connect to your Scout as Parent/Guardian”

They will need to know their child’s BSA member number in order to connect this way.

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