Unable to connect Parent to Scout

We have a new Scout who was registered by his Mother online. He imported to Scoutbook for the Pack with no parent connections. Mom can log in and try and connect to his ID but gets the OOPS error. I cant find Mom by name or BSA ID# (that she provided, and is matched in my.scouting in the application manager), but her email pulls up the Scout himself.

Scout’s BSA ID# is 14449467 and SB ID# 12606985
Mom’s BSA ID# is 14449462

As Dad had not signed up anywhere yet I added him as a Parent with an invite.

Thank You!

@JasonCostarakis I have connected the adult to the Scout.

However, you will need to go to the Scout’s Connections page in Scoutbook, click on the parent’s name, and then update the connection type to “parent / guardian”

Thank You Jennifer! Would you mind DMing me? I have another resource question for you.

I have a similar issue: Mom isn’t showing up in our roster or connected to her boy scout, but is in our girls’ troop and connected to her daughter. BSA ID: 13543574

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