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I have a parent that needs to be connected to their youngest scout. They have 2 others already in the troop they are connected to but the search does not come up with the parent to add. Let me know what information you need to complete this connection.

Connections are messed up currently - watch change log for the fix when released

Any idea when a fix should be in place? Just curious as we are starting our scout year and trying to get all parents connected. Thanks,


If I knew I would have posted that

Understand and appreciate the quick response.

If the parent is already connected to other Scouts in the troop, then you can try using the troop Connections Manager to connect the parent. Then go to the Scout’s Connections page and change the connection type to parent / guardian.

That worked! Thanks.


I have two parents that are not able to see their scouts. Can they be connected?
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@KristenKemp I suggest you sit down with them and watch them log in - one logged in last week - one has not logged in for 3-4 months

The one that logged in last week said that they don’t see their scout. How do I fix that when I watch them?

@KristenKemp - what exactly do they see… itay be as simple as expanding the options presented like admistration or dashboard

Most likely they do not know to click on administration

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