Add PO Items to Cart not working (Times out)

I tried to find an open issue when I try to add my PO to cart it is not working. It starts and eventually that screen bombs out to

This page isn’t took too long to respond.

I have 52 items on the PO from summer camp would love to take advantage of this feature, thanks.

the Scout shop knows of the issue with larger orders and is working them but in the mean time
reduce the size of your PO and try again

Scoutbook should just remove the feature altogether until it is working I can only see the benefits of this feature after summer camp and purchasing over $200 of items. I tried smaller groupings but cannot combine carts. It also is disappointing that a good deal Merit Badges including Communications, Citizenship in the World are not available. I can’t see purchasing a handful or ranks, merit badges and paying more in shipping to get them mailed.

The programmers made a change tonight to fix this. So it may now be working OK

It does work but found the items that aren’t in stock the PO won’t let me delete the individual items.

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I was able to delete the entire PO and readd without those items.

Although it would be nice if I could add items to the cart. When we go to the Scout Store for COH’s we also get parents pins at times merit badge card stock it only allows us to make a purchase not add to the cart. This would be extremely helpful and not sure why it was left off.

There is another issue the developers are working on to fix the issue with not being able to delete items from the PO.

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