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Add to a completed requirement to earn another award

Hello, a scout has previously completed Adventures in Science, but has also earned every requirement for World Conservation except the parts needing the experiment options of Adventures in Science.

Because that award was already completed, Scoutbook recognizes that and won’t allow additions to be tracked.

How should we handle this to allow the scout to complete the World Conservation Award?

Thank you.


My suggestion would be use Scoutbook’s Notepad and Comments feature at the bottom of the award to post a note indicating when the Scout completed those particular requirements.

After the Scout has completed all of the requirements for the CS World Conservation Award, you can just click on the box next to “Percent Completed” and mark it as completed overall.

I’m not sure I understand the problem. Click into the requirement from the WCA.

This is the issue:

Here are the requirements from the Cub Scout World Conservation Award:

Cub Scout World Conservation Award

And here are the requirements from the Webelos / AOL Adventures in Science elective adventure:

But the Scouts have already completed the Adventures in Science adventure using other options from requirement 3.

Because the adventure has already been completed, you can’t add dates for #3a and #3b that are after the date of completion for the adventure.

I would just leave the requirements blank, add a note at the bottom, and then mark the award completed overall after the requirements have been completed.

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Thank you @JenniferOlinger for the quick and useful solution. I appreciate it. I will make that note before marking the award complete.

Hello @jacobfetzer, What is the “MCA”?

Oops. I meant WCA, World Conservation Award. I corrected it above. It appears you are attempting to more the requirements complete in the adventures in science adventure, which isn’t entirely necessary to mark them complete in the WCA.

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