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It would be really great if on an adventure’s screen it had a section that listed any other awards that this adventure applies to. Almost every Nova award has multiple adventures that could be completed as one of the requirements for this award. It would be very helpful if the adventure would list that somewhere.

Another example: the Cub Scout World Conservation Award
req 1: complete Paws on the Path adventure
req 2: complete Grow Something adventure
req 3: complete Spirit of the Water adventure

It would be very helpful if on each of those adventures, there was a section that stated: this adventure is a requirement for the Cub Scout World Conservation Award.

Sometimes, especially with the NOVA awards, it would be very helpful to know that while working on an adventure, by doing nothing more than putting a slight emphasis on one aspect of the adventure, we are achieving multiple goals. Additionally, that could lead to using different activities, or approaching them differently. We recently worked on the Air of the Wolf adventure, as well as the NOVA Fearful Symmetry award, and because of that, I added just a couple other things to the den meeting, such as folding a paper airplane that was not symmetrical, and asking the scouts about it, and what they thought it would do. This kind of thing is easy to do, but only if you know that it is needed.

I know where to look now, but I certainly did not know where to look last year when I was a new den leader, and it would have been very helpful. Even now that I do know where to look, it would still make prep easier, and much quicker, and I would very much appreciate that.

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I can add this to the backlog, it is certainly more feasible than auto-liniking given the various options and limitations, however, someone would need to do the research as to what changes to make. The developers will not do the research as they are not experts in BSA programs.


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