Need to update an award for a Cub Scout from Previous Rank

I have a Cub Scout that has earned his World Conservation Award while a Bear. I did not update this before I moved the entire Den up to Webelos and now I can’t go back to record the Award for him. Is there anyway to record this in the Scoutbook so he doesn’t have to try to earn it as a Webelos.

I was going to say that you can navigate to the Scout’s awards page in Scoutbook to enter it, as in general all previous awards are listed in case they were missed. But in looking at my Pack, I see what you mean. On a Bear’s page, it only includes “World Conservation Award v2015” while on a Webelos’s page it only includes “World Conservation v2022 (Webelos).” That’s kinda confusing.

My guess is that this might be because Cubs are only technically supposed to earn the WC award once, though to do so the requirements are different for each rank. That is different from the Summertime, Outdoor Activity, or Shooting Sports awards, which can be earned each year. (I’m not an authority on this, so can’t say for sure.)

So, unless a SUAC member has any ideas, I see two options:

  • You could just mark the Webelos WC award complete, but that doesn’t seem right to me either.
  • The better option is to move the Scout back to a Bear den temporarily, so you can mark off the correct award.

See if a Pack Admin can add the award using Quick Entry from the pack page.

If that doesn’t work, you can temporarily move the Scout to a Bear den, add the award, then move the Scout back to a Webelos den. (If you add the award this way, you will need to re-invite the Scout to all calendar events.)

That approach looks like it would work for me.

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