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Adding a Merit Badge

I am trying to find the “start another Merit Badge” button in Scoutbook so I can set up a new badge to enable a counselor outside our troop to conduct a class for my son. I am logging in through my parent account and reaching his account as a family member. People tell me I should see “Start a new merit badge” at the bottom of his merit badges but I don’t see this button. Can someone help me find out how to access the “start another merit badge”

@AlanHarp_Jr In Scoutbook, if you click on:

[Scout]'s Advancement

then scroll all of the way down to the bottom of the page, you should see a button that says “Start Another Merit Badge”.

Thank you Jennifer. Yes, your response is what I have been told by multiple people, but I don’t see it on my screen. It’s not there.

Try checking your Scout’s Membership, and make sure he does not still have an active membership with a pack. Also, check to see if the membership is approved (green shield with checkmark).

Other than that, you might need to have your parent connection to him reset.

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@AlanHarp_Jr Please contact a Troop Admin and ask them to connect you to your Scout as a parent in Scoutbook. I believe that’s where your issue is.

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