Adding a scout to a second troop

I have a scout registered in troop 1 and they have also applied to join troop 2. Same council. How do we process this so they appear in both rosters and we can sign off requirements in both troops?


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  1. Click on the Scout’s name
  2. Click on [Scout name]'s Membership
  3. Click on the red “+ Add” button and add the membership with the other troop.
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…and make sure that his existing BSA ID appears on his application form for the second troop so the council doesn’t create a new scout instead of adding the existing one to the second troop.

You probably also want to make sure that the council understands that this is a second membership, not a transfer. I know that’s caused issues in the past when a scout was removed from one roster and added to the other by the registrar.


Yes, they need to fill in the circle on the BSA youth application next to where it says Multiple application.

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