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Scout transfer

I’m trying to transfer in a scout to our Troop from another Troop within our council.

I used the Transfer Scout option in Scoutbook as I read on here to do, but it tells me that there is no scout matching his info.

How can I verify that he exists in Scoutbook (he does, his old Troop uses Scoutbook) and how can I get him transferred?

In principle, the scout’s parent or a leader in their old troop could add a membership in your troop, which would then cause the scout to appear on your troop roster (with a membership needing approval by an admin on your side). It’s a little unclear why the Transfer in Scout tool isn’t working, though. It kinda suggests that not all of the relevant information matches the scout’s current account.

Were you able to verify that information matches with the other unit/parent?

I was using the information that his mom provided from his scoutbook profile - including an incorrect birthdate. I tried his correct birthday and the incorrect one showing in his profile, no dice either way.

If his mom creates a new membership in our Troop, will that cause him to lose what he has recorded in his account? I thought that was why you wanted to do the transfer, to keep all that data.

A new membership isn’t the same things as a new account. “Memberships” are properties of the accounts. For example, a scout could have a single account with a membership in both a troop and a crew, and that would be perfectly normal. It doesn’t work seamlessly (yet!), but it does work. The new troop membership would work the same way.

To add a membership in your troop, the parent can go to:

My Dashboard -> My Family -> Scout’s Name -> Scout’s Memberships -> Add (red button at the top)

I am concerned that the information from the scout’s account isn’t allowing you to transfer him in, though. If the information matches, it should work.

Keep in mind that no matter how the new membership in your unit gets added, the scout still needs to turn in the appropriate “paperwork” to council for the transfer. Make sure it has the correct BSA ID on it and is marked as a transfer application. You probably already know this part, but it has caused us no end of trouble when we forget, so I try to remember to include it in these types of conversations.

If the birthdate is wrong in Scoutbook, you probably need to talk to your council registrar to get that fixed in the system. I think that if they fix it on their end it will push out to Scoutbook, but I’m not 100% sure on that. If it doesn’t match, it could cause issues down the road where a new BSA ID/account gets created instead of properly linking to the existing ones.

It sounds like something isn’t matching up – usually full name, date of birth, or BSA member number.

If you can get the mom to add a new membership with your troop or add you as a connection to her Scout with Full Control permissions, then you should be able to tell what the issue is.

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Went through the add membership method and that worked. Looks like the transfer problem I was having could have been that his mom had already updated his address in his profile and was telling me the old zip code. Not 100% sure, but that’s my best guess.

At this point am I safe disconnecting him from his old leaders in the connection manager, or should I wait for all his transfer paperwork to go through the system?

You could actually keep him with a dual troop membership until the transfer paperwork goes through. They might still have awards they need to process or other things they need to do related to his account. This might be the best thing to do until his application gets processed.

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