How to I add a Scout to a second unit?

I have a Scout who is a member of a Crew, and has a Scoutbook Account. Now she wants to join a Troop, which would be her second unit. If I try to add her to the Troop, my choices seem to be to either create a new Scout, which it says not to do if she is already in Scoutbook, or ask her old unit to transfer her to my Troop. I don’t want to do either, I just want to search for her so I can add her to the new Unit. Is there a way to do that, or do I need to wait for Council to process her application and she will appear in the Troop in the fullness of time?

Just go to her Membership and add a membership to the Troop. Of course she also needs a paper application.

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From the troop roster page, scroll to the bottom and click “transfer in scout”.

So transferring her IN to my Troop won’t transfer her OUT of the other Unit?

There is an option to leave them in their current unit (if transfer among the three older scout programs).

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