Can a BSA scout participate in two troops in two different councils? How does that work in scoutbook?

My son would like to participate in his friend’s troop as a secondary troop and his own troop as a primary troop. Is there any way to register with both troops in Scoutbook? The troops are in 2 different councils.


The simple as is yes a scout can. And it does not work at all in Scoutbook - each scoutbook user can only have one BSA #, if you scout joins the other Council they get a new BSA #, so that would mean a second Scoutbook User.

If you do decide to register in the other council I would suggest registering with a name variant for Scout or no Middle name if the current account has a middle name, then they will remain seperate

Keep in mind this could make tracking advancement (and activity logs and…) in Scoutbook complicated, as you’ll potentially have two units reviewing and approving advancement. Someone on each end will likely need to reconcile the two different Scoutbook accounts. That’s not to say it can’t or shouldn’t be done. Just wanted to note that it will invoke additional legwork and coordination to make it happen smoothly.

Whenever a Scout is dual registered, it is critical for the leaders of each unit to communicate.

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Absolutely. It’s just something folks have often overlooked when they’ve asked me about it in the past. They mostly figured that “the software would take care of it”, which isn’t really true at the moment. With universal BSA Member IDs (i.e. not tied to a single council), it might be feasible, but that’s somewhere down the pipeline at best.