Adding Advancements earned after the age of 18

I have a unit that has 2 scouts that have earned ranks prior to turning 18, but their unit failed to add those ranks to their record. The Commitee Chair is now trying to add the earned ranks, but both scouts are now 18 and she is telling me that she cannot see their advancement records- only their basic profile on the unit roster in Scoutbook.

Is there a way to help her?

@RebekahFlorence - I would think your local council is the way to go

After consulting with our council registrar, we can do it, however I am wondering if the unit can access those records on Scoutbook or Internet advancement (themselves) for the scout once this is completed.

@RebekahFlorence I do not know if this will work or not, but she could try changing the filter in Internet Advancement show that it shows Participants 18+. The filter icon looks kind of like a funnel.

I’ll get her to try this. Hopefully it works. Thanks for the idea!