Advancements for recently-turned 18yo not feeding Internet Advancement report

We are having our first court of honor post-covid tomorrow night, and a volunteer is running 100 miles to the scout shop at 11 AM. I got our advancements all in at 3 AM this morning in Scoutbook. The notification icon in Internet Advancement showed 70+ pending. I reviewed the report, then got an error at 3 AM this morning - “User ??? not found”. I refreshed the page, and now there are only 40-some pending…and a recently turned 18 year old’s advancements are no longer on the report, even though they show in Scoutbook. I desperately need to figure this out in the next 3 hours. Please help.

If you approved the awards in Scoutbook then there is no need to look at them in Internet Advancement. There is a single database that is used for both. I suspect a user interface issue with Internet Advancement

If you post the Scout’s BSA Member ID (we don’t need a name) and a couple of the awards for the Scout, we can investigate.

His member ID on the charter is 132183492. The “scout user ID” in the URL get parameters is 1002184. Advancements missing are Personal Fitness, Personal Management, Citizenship in the Community, and Personal Managment. All show as leader-approved in Scoutbook. I fear there are others missing in Internet Advancement as well from other scouts in the troop.

@MatthewMellon why are you not pulling the purchase order in Scoutbook from Unit > Reports > Needs purchasing?

I just tried that. These advancements are not showing on that report either.

They clearly still show under the Scout as approved but not awarded, however. They just don’t show as needing to be purchased, either in Internet Advancement or on the Needs Purchasing report.

With the date on these awards, were they placed on an earlier purchase order? Scoutbook will only put an award on a single purchase order.

No. For example, Personal Fitness -
Completed on 6/2/2020
Marked Completed on 3/12/2021
Marked Approved on 3/12/2021
not marked Awarded

It’s not on a prior purchase order.

I’m really desperate here. If I can’t get this resolved in the next couple of hours, it’s going to cost me a five-hour round trip and a day off of work. I appreciate everyone’s assistance.


If you make me an admin in your troop, I have some time I can look into this. Search for BSA Member ID 126938050. I’ll remove myself after I am done investigating.


I need the Troop Admin role to be able to investigate. Please add this.

Oops. I added you with the wrong role. Fixed.


DH’s advancement is on the currently opened Purchase Order. You can select the remaining advancement, add them to the open PO and you should have everything there.

Thank you. I guess when it errored out it created the open PO? I’m not sure.

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