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Internet Advancement Submission for Scout Past 18

I have a Scout that has already turned 18, but had awards earned prior to 18 that were not submitted to internet advancement since we did not have a COH during covid. I try to submit his advancements now and get an error for his BSA ID because he is no longer in the roster. How do I submit his advancements that are valid prior to being 18?

@SeanSmith2 In Internet Advancement, have you changed the filter (on the right side of the screen below Import File) to show Youths 18+ ?

I changed the filter, have all boxes checked, the adult / scout in question still does not display in roster.

Has the Scout registered as an adult leader? If so they are no longer on the Roster as a Youth. Council can manually enter it for you

he is not registered this year as an adult or a scout. Who do I submit to for council manual submission?

hand them an Advancement report

@SeanSmith2 You will need to go through your council Registrar.