Scouts with age extensions can't be approved in IA

I have a girl in my troop who turned 18 in March and has an extension until next year to earn her Eagle. Due to her age, I cannot approve any activities or advancements because they occur after she turned 18. Internet advancement also lists that she has no rank, although she is a Star. I will have another scout turning 18 next month and she also has an extension. How do we proceed to log and approve all of these advancements for them? Also, the scout that is 18 is SPL, but after her birthday, she was prohibited from contacting any of her Troop through scoutbook. Is there any guidance specifically for this? Thanks so much in advance.

probably best to send an email to


Thank so much, @DonovanMcNeil!

You can still approve her advancement through Scoutbook. The Internet Advancement developers have been notified of the issue with approving advancement and activities there.


Just asking the obvious: is she registered as a Unit Participant? If she is erroneously registered as an adult, you’ll need to change her to UP (she still needs to complete an Adult app and complete YPT).


Hi @AprilMcMillan1! She registered as a youth (she was 17) during this last recharter, is that what we should have done? So she does need to submit an adult app and YPT, even though she is a participating scout as well? Sorry for all the questions, just want to get it right. :slight_smile:


Yes she has to have adult app and YPT - and it changes all her camping options too so read up on those - specifically like who she can tent with

@Donovan McNeil oh wow, thank you so much. I am so glad I finally reached out!

@SarahMason If your troop rechartered effective January 1, then you were correct to recharter her as a youth, because she was not 18 yet.

But when she turned 18, she needs to register as an adult (using the Scouting position title of Unit Participant on the adult application). She also needs to have current YPT and the additional disclosures & background check authorization form.