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Scout who on-line registered and prepaid after charter submitted, but before posted no longer on my.scouting roster

A Scout (BSA ID # 14059659) who on-line registered and prepaid after charter submitted, but before posted (and before charter expired) no longer on my.scouting roster. She still exists in Scoutbook.

Any thoughts on how to proceed?

Wait a few days to see if she gets re-added since charter just posted today? Maybe some auto script posts charter, updates roster to match charter, then re-adds in people who were added in the “interim period”?

Side note: I am still impressed with the programming due to the complexity of these processes.
-Normal time
-Time after recharter submitted, but before old charter expired
-Time after recharter submitted, but old charter expired, in grace period
-Time after old charter expired, in grace period, no new charter submitted (yet)
-Time after old charter expired, but new charter not submitted (yet), but not in grace period
-Normal time

Talk to Council - Grey means not active/Primary

If I had to guess - recharter confused it - as Scout was left off

Thanks a ton for checking. It was great that her new registration isn’t “missing” entirely.

Yeah, I wasn’t sure what to do. The DE said “hey, you have an app to approve”. I said “ok! I get to challenge the system”. The system didn’t pass the challenge. :frowning:

I don’t know if it is of any value to “file this bug with the recharter programmers” or not. Maybe they are like “yeah, bigger fish to fry”.

Basically, we would need the system to do what it did, then go in and process anyone that has unexpired membership but was removed since they weren’t on the recharter.

I THOUGHT online was supposed to auto off for 2 months around recharter???/

It went to auto off at some point. Maybe that was on 1/1? People were asking about that on here, I don’t know when it came up, buy it did. BeAScout went to “ask for more info” instead of “apply now”.

Well, for sure there was a window between us hitting submit and “online applications” being turned off.

I can confirm that right now “request more info” is still on for our unit.

What they should do is what I was saying. Still keep it on, hold the new apps on the side, add them in after processing. If the unit NEVER recharters, then kick the application back “on” in application manager with the “needs reassignment”.

Some of this comes down to “never miss a sale” type of thing. If you have a parent with credit card in hand, always accept it.

One more note on timings.
It looks like there was a post after 1/1 on online applications being off.

We submitted our recharter on 12/1.
The Scout in question applied very close to 12/14. Probably on 12/13.

They should do a “sweep” of those once the charter posts. Too many features to add, too few resources.

Well, I spoke too fast.

@DonovanMcNeil The Scout was auto added back. I had not yet emailed the council, but she is now on the roster. It looks like on 1/7 we received our charter and it looks like overnight they processed those who had joined post charter submission, but before charter expiration.

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I have a new scout that was registered in the fall, then again as new on 1/2/22 but is still not showing up in Scoutbook. This scout is on our roster in My.Scouting.org but not in scoutbook. Any thoughts? Member id 13970592

@JaniceBranco that BSA # does Not have a BSA 2022 registration

so strange! but that would explain it. thanks for checking for me. I’ll check in with council on this scout registration.