Adding Camping nights, service hours, hiking

I would like to see the ability to add camping nights, service hours and hiking miles to an event in IA 2.0 when creating a calendar event not after the event is complete. When you take attendance and the event is complete it should automatically add those hours to a Scouts records if they attended the event. This would reduce the amount of times you have to go into the event from 3 to 2 (create the event, attendance at the start of the event, enter hours). It would also create more accuracy in a Scouts records. Now a leader must remember to go back in after the event and and hours as apposed to it being part of the event creation.

@SeanUnderhill well do you mark off requirements before they are done? that is kind of the same thing. I think this would make logs less accurate - Camping we had to evacuate early cause of a flash Flood. Hiking Tommy did not hike with troop cause he twisted his ankle.

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You should be able to create the camping/hiking/service entries before the event, but only be able to associate participants after the event.

There should be a single click option that converts all RSVP ‘Yes’ to Attendance ‘Yes’, but then allows the leader to make changes.

There should be a single click option that converts all Attendance ‘Yes’ to Activity ‘Yes’, but then allows the leader to make changes, including individual nights/miles/hours adjustments.

If the credit for the event is linked to end time of the event it is given after the event and only to those that have been marked as attended. The one off situation of a Scout not attending the entire event would be rare and not any different than having to go in adjust credit as you have to do now. The majority of the time Scouts that start an event finish the event so linking it to the end of the event would speed up the process and reduce someone forgetting to make an entry once the event is over.
Currently when you go back in to create nights camped, etc the default give credit to everyone on the invite list not those marked as having actually attended. Then you have to go deselect those that weren’t there. It’s just not a user friendly feature.

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