Adding Den Leader Connections for a New Scout

When a new Scout populates into Scoutbook, they show up as not in a den. When we move the Scout to a den, it would be great if the Den Leader for that den automatically received full control over that Scout.

I do know how to add it manually, but sometimes we forget and don’t know until a leader tells us they can’t see the Scout online.

Den Admins are supposed to be automatically connected to all Scouts in the den. Is this not happening?

Elaborating on @JenniferOlinger’s comment, if your Den Leaders are also set up as Den Admins (the recommended process in Scoutbook), then they should automatically inherit a connection to the scouts when they are added to the den. These Den Admin is separate from Den Leader because you might want more than one person with admin permissions on a den, but that person might not also be a den leader.

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I’ve noticed it on one Scout who was added in October, and one who was added this month. Both den leaders are marked as both “leader” and “den admin” for their respective dens. One common element is that both of these Scouts came to us from other Packs.

Do they still have active memberships in the other packs (according to the scouts’ membership in scoutbook)?

One does, one does not.

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