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New Cub Missing Den Leader Connections

Hello all,

Two new Cubs joined the pack. Paper app completed, submitted, council add to our Charter and their accounts were created in Scoutbook…

All unit admins were added as connections, but the Den Leader and Assist Den Leaders were not automatically added as connections. Is that normal Scoutbook behavior? If so, anyway to submit that as an enhancement request??

It’s a pain to have to use the Connection Manager to add the connections for the new scouts…

Any help or guidance is very much appreciated!

Asst Cubmaster, Troop 192, Wayne, NJ

Hi, Ry,

Have the new scouts been added to a den yet? I believe that our cubs “inherited” the den leaders/den admins when they were added to our dens.

Yes, they were added to the den, but did not inherit the connections.

Hrm…Are the Den Leaders also Den Admins? I’m wondering if Scoutbook is treating the two differently. Generally, our Den Leaders were also Den Admins. I would honestly expect it to automatically create the connection, but I’m just a user not part of SUAC, so the advisory group might have more inside knowledge on this one.

I’m not immediately seeing something explicit either way in the Scoutbook Knowledge Base. This article doesn’t mention adding the connections between the den leadership and the scouts, although it adds the adults after the scouts are added, so maybe the process is sensitive to that.

Den Admins are supposed to be connected to all Cub Scouts in the den automatically. If they are not, however, go to the Pack Roster page, click on the name of a Den Admin, click on their Den Admin position / role, and Update. This should reset the Den Admin’s connection to all Cub Scouts in the den to Full Control.

You can also use the Connection Manager from the den page to connect them.


We recommend giving the Den Leaders the Den Admin role. This will automatically connect all Scouts in the Den to the Den Leader and allow the Den Leader to edit the Den calendar.

@JenniferOlinger and @edavignon, I believe what you two have called out is exactly how it’s worked for a long time. When i was working on my SB Tutorial for my WB ticket, this is what I found about a year ago. Den Leaders who are not Den Admins do not have permissions inherited by new scouts. Den Leaders who are Den Admins do get their permissions inherited. I don’t know why a DL would not also be a Den Admin, but I guess the flexibility was requested at some point in time.