I Can't Add Den Leader to Den

I have several registered adults that I am trying to add in as Den Leaders. When I search it comes up with nothing found. I searched by BSA number, name, and email. I saw a banner previously indicating this was a known issue that was being worked. Is there an estimate for when this will be resolved?
I can provide BSA numbers.

@DebWhitewood - please do post the BSA ID but I suspect they are not registered nor listed on the roster at my.scouting.org for the unit

Have someone check the pack’s roster at my.scouting, as Stephen suggested. See if they are listed as adult leaders there. (Lion and Tiger Adult Partners are not adult leaders.)

It’s probably also worth verifying that their names, BSA IDs, and contact info (e.g. emails) match as well. I’ve had things like that throw off matches before.

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