Troop not able to add me as a den leader

I went via and registered as an adult leader, requesting den leader access back in early August (Aug. 7).

I also went via YPT training that same day and completed it.

However, I still am not able to be added as a den leader.

Any tips on how to fix this?

I can give my Scoutbook and BSA ID, but would prefer a private message. Thanks

@NateK - first thing, troops do not have den leaders packs do. Second does the pack have you listed on their roster at

When your unit Key 3 look at the official roster at my.scouting, are you listed there as a den leader?

When you applied, did you apply online or via paper application? If online, has your Chartered Organization Rep approved the application? If via paper application, has your unit followed up with the council on whether it has been processed?

Right. Sorry. New to scouting. Pack.

Yes, I’m on the roster. Just can’t be added as a leader.

Thanks Charley. Online application. It was at the same time we were getting re-chartered for the year. I believe they have followed up with council. I’ll double check.


You are not currently registered, nor are you on the my.scouting Pack roster, so you should talk to your Pack Leaders.

When you are registered, you will also see your position in you my.scouting My Profile.


In addition, a day or do after your registered position appears at my.scouting, it should appear in Scoutbook.

As a side caveat, there is an interface available called the Den Leader Experience ( Many folks (including me) recommend against using it, because it seems to cause more headaches for users and admins than it solves. When I was a DL (in the pre-DLE days), I found it quite easy to configure and manage my own meetings using the Scoutbook interface.

One of the most common complaints is that DLE auto-configures and adds meetings to the den calendar, the content of which can’t be changed, and which can’t be deleted. If you’re looking for more details on the sorts of issues the Den Leader Experience interface has caused others, I suggest searching around this site for posts on DLE and/or Den Leader Experience.

I registered on August 7 and have the email confirming the $60 payment for myself and the $205 for a new youth even though my scout was a Lion last year.

My registration seems lost in limbo. Our pack doesn’t seem to know how to help.

We did find a record put in by the council with the wrong last name for myself and my son. Both had “Keri” with a letter i at the end of my name instead of l. Possibly the issue?

If it helps I can forward the email with the registration info to an email.


I’ll look into this.


Your pack’s recharter has not yet been posted. It will hopefully be posted soon. 24 hours after it is posted, you will be added to Scoutbook as a Den Leader. A pack admin will then need to update your pack membership to assign you to a den. Because your son is registered as a Tiger, I assume you are a Tiger Den Leader so this is the position the pack must select in order to assign you to the Tiger den.

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Thank you. Yes, I’ve confirmed this was the issue. We rechartered and sent the paperwork in over a month ago and it still hasn’t been processed. I guess our council is fairly behind. Frustrating as we have started programming and this is our first year using Scoutbook, but hopefully this fixes things once the rechartering processing is done.

I’m following up on this hoping for some help. @edavignon thought you might have some clues.

Our pack was re-chartered with Northern Star and it posted, but the pack admins are having trouble assigning me as a leader. Any tips?


You are not registered as a leader. You should have registered at If not, please go there and register. If you previously registered, contact the

I am actually registered, paid the fees back in early August, and have taken all the training.

I’m very frustrated as I think something got screwed up in the system. Where can I forward the receipt from my registration so this gets worked out?


I provided the e-mail address for the Northern Star Council registrars. They are the only ones who can help at this time.

Thanks @edavignon
I think at this point, I want to be more proactive, can you provide me the email or phone for the registrars via DM? I’m just a first year den leader and I just want to be able to email my scouts using Scoutbook. I appreciate all the quick help.

I think I found one on the link you provided. 612-261-2304

Wish me luck!